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The Insect Clock

150 GBP

The insects’ clock rotates
at a different speed.

Time is magnified.

It’s life, only short,

leaves each minute, long.

These insects appeared to have died at a prolific rate. 37 insects collected over eight days from the base of a window. Their short existence relative to their perception of time, where every passing moment is magnified. Each week, worth a lifetime.

An insect may live a week. Humans, a century, but daily we walk amongst trees and buildings that will outlive us. Worth will always remain relative.

Exhibited as part of an outdoor group exhibition in Bozouls, France, the village where they were found.


Each print comes signed on the back as an edition of 10
40cm x 30cm (16 x 12")

Framed price of £200

'A mile without town' is a shop presenting the work of Marc Cowan.  

I'm interested in exploring the boundaries between design and fine art. 

The most important element for me is the idea. Occasionally these ideas evolve into little objects and prints that might be nice for other people to own and that's what you'll find in my shop.