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Strikers Red T-shirt

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This t-shirt was designed for the Living Wage campaign initiated by Brixton’s Ritzy cinema staff in 2014.

By wearing it you will be supporting the rights of low paid workers.

Each t-shirt is editioned with it's own unique number and all profits will go directly towards the Living Staff Living Wage campaign.

The printer was paid a minimum of the Living Wage to hand-print the designs. We have used solvent-free ink and the t-shirt manufacturer guarantees the use of responsible labour and environmentally friendly practices.

Other colours available here: livingstafflivingwage.tictail.com

'A mile without town' is a shop presenting the work of Marc Cowan.  

I'm interested in exploring the boundaries between design and fine art. 

The most important element for me is the idea. Occasionally these ideas evolve into little objects and prints that might be nice for other people to own and that's what you'll find in my shop.