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Precarious t-shirt

20 GBP

Mounting numerous kerbs, clocking hundreds on the dash, and blasting the streets with beats to show the precarious workers some love. At long last, the precarious workers-mobile has dug deep, and crafted together it's very own t-shirt.

Car on chest, name on the hip, with it's very own label on the neck - the journey starts here!

All profits go towards future pwm missions - currently stranded due to lapsed insurance! :(

Hand-printed in London using solvent-free inks, the t-shirt is fabricated using responsible labour and environmentally friendly practices.

Follow the pwm adventure here: www.instagram.com/precarious_workers_mobile/

'A mile without town' is a shop presenting the work of Marc Cowan.  

I'm interested in exploring the boundaries between design and fine art. 

The most important element for me is the idea. Occasionally these ideas evolve into little objects and prints that might be nice for other people to own and that's what you'll find in my shop.