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Pencil Therapy - 4 wooden pencil doses each with their own patient information leaflet.


Be it with friends, workmates, family, strangers…we all do it. No matter how confident we are, there’s always something we don’t tell people, though feel we might like to.

If we can’t tell them, it would at least be something if we could write it to down to let them know, but for whatever reason, good or bad, we don’t.

Pencil Therapy solves this conundrum. It doesn’t write thoughts, they are written for you – printed directly onto the pencil!

With Pencil Therapy, you could be bold and give the pencil to the person in question, use the pencil in their presence, or leave the pencil lying around in the hope they might get the hint. Or perhaps you don’t want them to know. Maybe you use it in secret, or just hide it away at the back of a drawer never to be seen. Either way, the therapy begins with having it out there. Written boldly on the pencil. Only then will your day continue, undeterred.

Mixed doses of Pencil Therapy are available on request. Please just get in touch detailing which combinations would suit your ailments.

'A mile without town' is a shop presenting the work of Marc Cowan.  

I'm interested in exploring the boundaries between design and fine art. 

The most important element for me is the idea. Occasionally these ideas evolve into little objects and prints that might be nice for other people to own and that's what you'll find in my shop.