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Original screenprint poster for retrospective exhibition of artist John Latham

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John Latham was an influential artist who introduced spray paint to the art world (long before Banksy), advanced science theories and held work in numerous permanent collections including London's Tate Gallery. 

I was fortunate enough to meet him during the Summer of 2005 before he passed away and was subsequently invited to take part in his retrospective exhibition as part of Camberwell Arts Week in London.

This screen-print is one of a series of posters that were used to promote the exhibition whilst acting as a navigational route to the venue (some of the other posters are still available). 

The black dots in a spray painted form, represent John’s theories of the least event (minimum change of state in minimum duration) and reflect his signature use of spray paint. The artwork is printed on 'blueback' paper intended for 'flyposting' a nod to John's anti-establishment attitude.

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